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The USS pensions dispute

Many thanks to Joan for her very helpful summary.

Ed and I are just back from another meeting with Sarah Pook, Director of Finance. While we all hoped that the dispute could be settled quickly, I also emphasised that it is important that the small print, particularly the details of the defined contribution scheme that would come in over £55k, should not cause further problems later.  If DC happens, all risks will be borne by the members; we will in turn need real control so we can protect our interests.

Can I emphasise that it is essential that you vote in the ballot?  The worst possible outcome would be a rejection on a low turnout. We all have to decide between two unattractive prospects: an expensive ASOS/strike with no guarantee of success, and a worsened pension. It won’t help any of us to abstain because we don’t like either alternative.

For what it’s worth, I voted yes.

Denis Nicole,

Branch Vice-President.

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