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UCU Committee & Departmental Representatives 2021-22


President Dr Lucy Watson ACIS
Vice President Dr Claire Le Foll History
Honorary Treasurer Dr Mary Morrison Southampton Business School
Honorary Secretary Dr Denis Nicole ECS
Equality Co-Officers Dr Eleanor Wilkinson

Dr David Bretherton

Geography & Environment


Insecure Contracts Staff Officer Bea Gardner Social Sciences
Health and Safety Officer Dr Adam George Dunn Winchester School of At
Environmental Co-Officers Dr Paul Bridgen

Dr Vesna Perisic

Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology

Mathematical Sciences

Acad-related Staff Officer Dr Richard Penny Student Services
Membership & campaigns officer VACANT
Post-grad & SUSU liaison VACANT
Communications officer VACANT
Pensions Officer Professor Traute Meyer Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
Black members’ Officer VACANT
Ordinary member Dr  Shelley  Cobb Film
Ordinary member Dr Conor McHugh Philosophy
Ordinary member Dr Maria Palaska Modern Languages
Ordinary member VACANT


Departmental Representatives/Workplace Contacts

ACIS Lucy Watson
Archaeology Alison Gascoigne
Biological Sciences Katrin Deinhardt
Business School Neil Ford
Chemistry Julie Herniman
Education vacant
English Stephen Bygrave / Stephen Morton
Film Studies Shelley Cobb
Geography & Environment Julie Vullnetari
History Joan Tumblety
iSolutions Patrick McSweeney
ISVR​ Matthew Wright
Law vacant
Library Isobel Stark
Mathematical Sciences Carsten Gundlach
Mechanical Engineering vacant
Medicine (SGH) vacant
Modern Languages Scott Soo
Music David Bretherton
Philosophy Conor McHugh
Physics & Astronomy Andy O’Bannon
Student Recruitment & International Relations Richard Penny
Winchester School of Art Adam George Dunn
Health & Safety Reps Jonathan Chipp

Mark Pickett

Pete Dargie

Adam George Dunn

Denis Nicole

Pensions Reps Nuala McGrath / Christine Telfer  / Denis Nicole