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The 2014 pay ballot – why you should vote YES YES

As part of our campaign to make Southampton a better place to work and learn, the first step is to redress the erosion of our pay. That is why we urge you to vote YES YES in the UCU ballot.

If this were the offer from the University over the next five years how would you feel?

– Move down one increment in the pay scale each year
– Pay several hundred pounds more into your pension each year
– Do this under increased workloads
– And with fewer support staff available to you
– And no staff club in which to meet with your colleagues
– Leading to significantly increased stress

Sound good?

Of course not. But this is what has happened to us over the past five years. Our pay has been cut 13% in real terms. A grade 5 lecturer is paying £100 more per month into their pension. And the university shed over 200 support staff last year.

But the University also made a £15m surplus in the last financial year. It can afford to pay more, and employ more staff.

Enough is enough. It is time for us to defend education, for ourselves, and the future generation.

Help us to make Southampton a great place to work and learn. Vote YES YES in the UCU ballot.

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