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‘Come Clean’ NUS day of action on March 14th.

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is calling for maximum turnout for ‘Come Clean’, the NUS day of action on March 14th.

In London, assemble at ULU at 2pm:  https://www . facebook . com/events/193707544066925/

Here’s a blogpost about what you can do on your campus on the day:  http ://anticuts . com/2012/02/18/walkout-14th-march/

Under the new fee regime students will face a lifetime of debt. Despite calls from MPs to delay changes to the university admissions process, he has gone ahead with plans that will favour better off students at entry and force universities into ruthless competition for places with each other. Some universities will go to the wall as a result.

The government wants to drive down costs to make it easier for private companies to feed off public education – this is why staff are fighting to defend their pensions.

Willetts’ plans for higher education are modelled on Andrew Lansley’s plans for the NHS. So far, over 20 000 people have signed a ‘no confidence’ motion in Willetts. The withdrawal of his Higher Education Bill shows that even the government lacks confidence in him.

The National Union of Students has called for a national day of walk-outs on 14 March. This is an opportunity for staff and students to rally to the defence of our education. The government is vulnerable to pressure – now it’s time for all those who are opposed to the marketisation of education to call for Willetts to go.

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