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Local UCU rules


Appendix 4 – appropriate spending by branches and local associations

The model local rules state that ‘expenditure by the Branch can only be made in furtherance of the objects of the Branch as set out in Model Local Rule 1.’

Model local rule 1 states that the ‘objects of the Branch are as set out in National Rule 2 excluding clause 2.6 which relates to the political objects of UCU. No funds of the Branch will be used for affiliation to a political party, or for the furtherance of the union’s political objects.’

National rule 2 is reprinted in full as Appendix 1.

With these caveats, it is for members to determine what appropriate expenditure by their branch and local association is.  However, it is helpful to consider types of spending which are appropriate under the model local rules.  For example:

  • Spending on such areas as meeting room hire, refreshments, internal elections, authorised expenses of elected officers or others would ordinary be considered to be appropriate
  • Spending on affiliations would ordinarily be considered appropriate subject to two caveats – first that such spending is not on ‘political objects’ (see Appendix 4), and second that such spending is consistent with the aims and objectives of national UCU (see Appendix 1).


This means, for example, that a branch could not use funds to hold a rally encouraging support or non-support for a candidate for political office or a political party.


It also means, for example, that a branch affiliation to the local League for the Protection for Cats is unlikely to fall within the union’s aims and objects, whereas an affiliation to a local education campaign would do so.

Within these parameters it is for quorate branch and local associations or for the elected Committee where delegated to make decisions on what available money should be spent on.  In all cases branch and local association officers should keep transparent records of expenditure and be prepared to account for such spending to members.

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