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Appendix 2 – use of branch funds for political objects

UCU has a political fund voted for by members every ten years.  By law expenditure by the union on what are called ‘political objects’ can only be made through this political fund.   Political objects- in the words of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – “cover what can broadly be described as electoral or other party political activities.”

Branches and local associations are therefore NOT permitted to make expenditure on the following:

  • on any contribution to the funds of, or on the payment of any expenses incurred directly or indirectly by, a political party;
  • on the provision of any service or property for use by or on behalf of any political party;
  • in connection with the registration of electors, the candidature of any person, the selection of any candidate or the holding of any ballot by a union in connection with any election to a political office (that is the office of Member of Parliament, Member of the Scottish Parliament, Member of the Welsh Assembly, Member of the European Parliament, or member of a local authority, or any position within a political party);
  • on the maintenance of any holder of a political office (as defined above);
  • on the holding of any conference or meeting by or on behalf of a political party or of any other meeting the main purpose of which is the transaction of business in connection with a political party (including any expenditure incurred in connection with the attendance of delegates or other participants); or
  • on the production, publication or distribution of any literature, document, film, sound recording or advertisement the main purpose of which is to persuade people to vote or not to vote for a political party or candidate.

Branches and local associations should consult UCU Head Office for further information.


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