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Local UCU rules

Ratification of agreements, validation and amendment of rules

5.1        Any draft agreements with the employer must be ratified in accordance with regional or national ratification procedures where these exist before being put to a general meeting for approval and before the employer is notified of the union’s acceptance.

5.2        No act done in good faith under these rules by the committee, an officer or any other person or body will be invalidated only by reason of the subsequent discovery of a defect in, or the expiry of, their appointment.

5.3        No rule or rules of the Branch will at any time be in conflict with a rule or rules of the UCU currently in force.  Changes in the rules of the UCU will, where applicable, automatically constitute changes in these rules of the Branch.

5.4        These rules of the Branch may be amended by resolution of any quorate general meeting of the Branch.

5.5        Proposed amendments to these rules must be handed in writing to the secretary by the end of the day that is fourteen days before the day of the general meeting at which they are to be considered. The secretary will take all reasonable steps to ensure that these proposed amendments are received by members not later than the day that is ten days before the day on which the meeting is to be held at which they are to be considered. Amendments to these rules require the support of at least two‑thirds of the members present and voting at the general meeting at which they are considered, an abstention not being regarded as a vote for this purpose.

5.6        Alternatively these rules of the Branch may be amended by membership ballot and, in that case, the support of at least two-thirds of those members casting a valid vote in that ballot would be required.  Either the committee or a quorate general meeting may decide to hold such a membership ballot.

5.7        All rules of the Branch and amendments to these rules will be subject to approval by the National Executive Committee of the UCU before they can be considered to be in operation.

Date these local rules approved: 19 June 2014

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