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Local UCU rules

Officers and Committee members

2.1        There will be a committee responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the Branch.  The committee will meet not less than once every four months.  Not less than one third of those who are at that time members of the committee must be present to form a quorum at any meeting.

2.2        If presented with a written request signed by half of the members of the committee, the chair/president must call a meeting of the committee to take place not less than three and no later than 10 working days following the day on which that written request is received.

2.3        The committee will consist of the Officers as specified below, and up to four ordinary members elected annually from members of the Branch.

2.4        Any member of the Branch who is a member of the National Executive Committee of UCU or the Executive Committee of UCU Scotland but who is not otherwise an elected member of the Committee shall be eligible to attend the Committee on an ex-officio non-voting basis.

2.5        Where there is more than one Branch in the institution, the committee shall elect from among its own members a Coordinating Committee. The Coordinating Committee shall consist of representatives elected by the Committees of all of the Branches in proportion to their membership.

2.6        The Committee (or Co-ordinating Committee where one exists) is the only body empowered to oversee negotiations with the institution, and may elect negotiators to this end. Negotiators may be supported by the relevant Regional Official, under circumstances determined by the General Secretary in consultation with the branch.

2.7        The Branch will have the following elected officer roles:

The chair/president

The vice-chair/vice‑president

The honorary treasurer

The honorary secretary

The health and safety officer

The recruitment and membership secretary

The equality officer

The environmental officer

The academic-related officer

The fixed-term contract officer

The post-graduate and SUSU liaison officer

2.8        These positions will be declared elected annually in the order set out above at the annual general meeting from members of the Branch in accordance with Rule 3.  A description of the functions of these Officer roles is set out at Appendix 5.

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