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Local UCU rules

Appendix 5 – description of officer roles

Note: the list of officers and committee positions in these model rules is not exhaustive. Branches may – and are encouraged to – add further elected officer roles (under rule 2.7) or specific elected committee roles (which can be added as 2.3.1), such as representative of staff on casualised contracts and/or part time staff, representative for environmental issues, representative of academic-related staff, faculty or department representatives, or representatives for other significant groups of employees who may not otherwise be represented on the committee.



The chair/president will chair all general meetings and all committee meetings of the Branch and perform such other duties as are laid upon the chair/president by any rule or are decided by the committee.  In the absence of the chair/president these duties will be performed by the vice-chair/vice-president, failing which another officer as the committee decides. In accordance with normal practice, the chair/president may, between meetings of the committee, take any action on behalf of the committee which is both urgent and necessary. Such Chair’s Action must be reported for approval to the next committee meeting.


The vice chair/vice president will carry out the chair’s/president’s duties in the absence of the chair/president, the chair/president in their role, and perform any other such duties as are decided by the committee.


The duties of the secretary are to call general and committee meetings of the Branch; to ensure that minutes of those meetings are kept; to organise membership circulations as the committee deems necessary; to arrange notification of local election and ballot results to all members; and to perform such other duties as are laid on the secretary by any rule or are decided by the committee.  In the absence of the secretary, the secretary’s duties will be performed by another officer as the committee decides.


The treasurer will have custody of the funds of the Branch and authority to make payments from them in accordance with the rules as the need arises.  The treasurer’s duties will be to keep the books of the Branch; to present the accounts of the Branch for auditing as necessary; to present these audited accounts to a general meeting of the Branch, to publish them to all members of the Branch, and to submit a copy forthwith to the honorary treasurer of UCU. In the absence of the treasurer, the treasurer’s duties will be performed by another officer as the committee decides.


Membership and recruitment Secretary

The membership/recruitment secretary will be responsible for recruitment and for keeping any membership records that are necessary at local level.  The membership secretary will provide membership information promptly to UCU in accordance with instructions from UCU Head Office or Regional Office to enable statutory and rule requirements of membership records to be met.  In the absence of the membership secretary, these duties will be performed by another officer as the committee decides.

Equality officer

The equality officer will:

i)             have knowledge of and commitment to relevant issues, and be willing to undertake training according to the needs of UCU, monitor the implementation of equality policies within the institution, and, where appropriate, encourage and support local negotiations on equality matters

ii)           monitor the volume and nature of personal casework which involves equality issues to ensure that the Branch has appropriate mechanisms in place for handling such cases

iii)          where appropriate, provide information, encouragement and support to members about equality issues

iv)          ensure that UCU’s national annual meetings, and any other relevant events and opportunities for women, black members, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members and disabled members are publicised locally, that members from all groups are encouraged to participate, and that the Branch maximises the opportunities for recruitment and organisation amongst all groups

v)           where appropriate, provide liaison between the Branch and UCU’s equality structures

In the absence of the equality officer, these duties will be performed by another officer or officers as the committee decides. 

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