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Local UCU rules


1             Name, constitution, membership and finances

1.1        The name of the Branch is “The University of Southampton Branch/Local Association of the University and College Union”, subsequently referred to as the Branch.

1.2        The Branch is constituted in accordance with the current rules of the University and College Union (UCU).  All actions taken by the Branch shall be consistent with the national Rules of UCU.

1.3        The aims and objects of the Branch are as set out in National Rule 2 (reprinted as Appendix 1), excluding clause 2.6 which relates to the political objects of UCU. No funds of the Branch will be used for affiliation to a political party, or for the furtherance of the union’s political objects. Guidance for branches on the law with regard to political objects is contained at Appendix 2.

1.4        Members of the Branch shall be those assigned to the Branch in accordance with national Rule 12 which is reprinted as Appendix 3. This will include all UCU members for whom University of Southampton is their principal qualifying employment.

1.5        Members who are employed at University of Southampton but who have another branch as their designated branch have the right to attend meetings of this branch, vote on matters relating directly to their employment and in branch elections, and stand for election as an ordinary member of the branch committee. However, such members will not be entitled to stand in elections for officer, Congress delegate or regional committee delegate posts except in their designated branch.

1.6        Retired members whose last employment was at the University of Southampton will be allocated to a regional retired members branch unless they inform UCU of their wish to retain membership of the Branch.

1.7        Where members of a Branch are employed on more than one site, the Branch may, for the purposes of enhancing local organisation, make arrangements for the members on any site to elect appropriate site officers to perform functions agreed by resolution of the Branch. Any such arrangements and functions must be consistent with the overriding responsibilities of the Branch and its officers as set out in these rules.

1.8        Each member of the Branch will pay, in accordance with procedures determined by the NEC, a subscription to UCU consisting of the current national subscription, as determined by the NEC, and any current local subscription agreed by the Branch.  The local subscription will be approved by a decision of a quorate annual general meeting and published to all members.

1.9        The finances of the Branch shall be conducted in accordance with arrangements determined by the National Executive Committee which shall include an audit and report prepared in accordance with instructions issued by the National Honorary Treasurer.

1.10     Expenditure by the Branch can only be made in furtherance of the objects of the Branch as set out in model local rule 1.3. Appendix 4 contains examples of such appropriate spending.

1.11     Members qualifying for membership under rule National Rule 3.1 and paying the relevant subscription under National Rule 7 to the University and College Union, shall be eligible to request local caseworker support if they have been in membership for 30 days.  The provision of such advice or assistance shall at all times be at the discretion of the local committee.  The Branch will not provide any support to members until they have completed 30 days of membership, starting with the date of registration of membership.  If the member’s issue has its origins either before or during the qualifying period assistance will not normally be provided. Only in exceptional circumstances may members, who have been in membership for less than 30 days, receive support but this would be at the sole discretion of the local committee.

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